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Green Crack

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Sativa dominant




Great bud structure, smell, taste, and effects. Not as sparkly as other Green Crack's I grew, maybe due to accidentally pollenating more than intended. Super happy, uplifted, energizing effects and not too strong to produce negatives.


Energized, Happy, Uplifted. Dry eyes. Mostly mood, less body.

Growing it

Started taller w/ more spacing between nodes than the other 2 GCs I grew. Was getting too tall so I HST snapped the main stem, layed it to the side and tied off. Later, I would polinate the 1 lower branch below where I topped and snapped it. Healthy throughout veg and flower but acquired spider mites week 6 of flower. Added diatomaceous earth, watered w/ neem oil, spinosd sprayed 2 days later, sprayed again 1.5 weeks later. Harvested a day b4 8 full weeks. The yellowing was advancing fast from the fan leafs and starting to get too close to the buds. I wonder if this was the result of defoliated a lot (less green leaves to draw from). Great bud structure, sweeet floral smelling. Pollenated with Carmalicious Auto to create a new generation of Carmel Crackalicious :) 13+ seeds on the colas I didn't mean to knock up!
Supplies: 3-gallon cloth pots filled with Happy Frog soil and lightly mixed with Abuelo compost. Later, Eb Stone Organics fertilizer top soil. Dyna-Grow nutrients, Bioweed, Blackstrap Molasses.


Harvest #


Indoor / Outdoor


Flowering weeks


Buds Oz



Advertised as:

Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Stress

Medical conditions

Energising, Relaxing


Woody, Citrus, Earthy


Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene



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