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Collecting and storing male cannabis pollen

Alright, fellow cultivators, if you're looking to collect and store that precious male cannabis pollen for your breeding adventures, I've got you covered. Grab your gardening gloves and let's dive right in

Step 1: Grow Your Ideal Male 

First things first, you need a healthy, robust male cannabis plant. Keep a close eye on it, and when you see those pollen sacs opening up and releasing that golden dust (usually around weeks 3-4 of the flowering stage), you know it's go-time.

Step 2: Get That Pollen

Now, here comes the fun part. You'll want to collect that pollen, and trust me, it's a bit like a delicate dance. Flick and jostle those branches and anthers. Pro tip: To make things easier, cut off those branches, put them in some water, and place foil underneath to catch the falling pollen.

Step 3: Dry It Out

Pollen can be a bit finicky, so you'll want to dry it out. Lay the pollen on some paper, plain or construction, and fold it up. Store this in a dry area, like a cupboard, for 2-3 days. Keep an eye out for any plant matter, though; it can introduce moisture that'll kill your pollen faster than you can say "fertilization."

Step 4: Mix and Store

To ensure your pollen stays in top shape, mix it in with an equal or greater amount of cooking flour. Add a bit of rice or desiccants to keep things dry.

Step 5: Prepare Pollen Packets

Cut those construction paper sheets into 16 pieces, just enough for one pollination event on each piece. Fold the edges to keep that precious pollen safely contained.

Step 6: Jar and Label

Place your pollen packets in a mason jar, label it, and pop it in the fridge for at least a day. If you've got plans for pollination in the next 6 months, go ahead and leave a packet in there.

Step 7: Freeze or Fridge

Here's where you have a choice. For long-term storage, toss the jar in the freezer. But if you've got plans for the next few months, keep what you need in the fridge. The fridge-stored pollen should be good for up to 9 months, while the freezer stash can last a whopping 4+ years.

Step 8: Pollination Time

When your desired female plant is 3-4 months into flower (before those white hairs turn orange), let that freezer-stored pollen defrost for a few hours. Turn off your fans, grab a paintbrush, and get to pollinating a cola. Let it sit sans fans for a while (you'll have to determine how long), then give it a gentle spray with water to neutralize the pollen before turning your fans back on.

There you have it, folks – a What-it-grow-style guide to collecting and storing male cannabis pollen for your breeding adventures. Get those strains mixing and create some magic in your garden!

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